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  • Are you getting a Future Date Warning Message when you try to add a service date in 2017? Here is what you need to do: From the main FastEMC 5010 Menu, select 5-FastEMC Utilities, B-Add/Modify Batch File, then Press ENTER, ESC and answer Y to the "Create Batch File NOW" question. Exit your FastEMC software all the way back to the desktop, then open your shortcut and go back to add the claim. That should do it.  This happens every 5 years and we slide the century forward 5 more years.  It helps when entering the patient age so it will fall in the right century.  If you have not created a new batch file in the last 5 years, then this fix will automatically change the settings and move them 5 years forward.  
  • FastEMC partners with Availity Advanced Clearinghouse We can setup your business with an account at Availity Advanced Clearinghouse.  Send all your claims electronicially.  Save on your office costs. Even claims for Paper Payers can be sent electronically and they will print and mail. Compare our plans which start at $69.95 per month per Rendering Provider for 450 claims, 450 Eligibility Checks, Unlimited Remits.  You continue to use your software and just generate an ANSI 5010 file that can be uploaded. We will supply support with the Availity setup and help when questions arise. If you do not have software, we can also discuss the advantages of using our software to manage your claims.
  • ICD-10 transistion happened without issue. Reminder: All claims with Date of Service 10/1/15 or after must use ICD-10. Create a new claim if some services were before 10/1/15 and some are on or after. Enter your codes without the decimal. Please take the time to review your ICD-9 codes to be sure you understand the new ICD-10 codes that you will need to report those same diagnoses properly. Full Payment depends on it.
  • Please make sure that you invest the time and money to set up a proper back-up for your computer records. Back-ups should be a part of every office’s daily routine and it protects your customer data if the computer were to fail.
  • The changes required to post the Sequestration amount are now available in FastEMC.  If you are posting Medicare Payments it will make it much easier to apply the correct EOB amounts.  Since the 2% Sequestration amount is taken from the Payment Side it was not easy to make the right postings. Medicare Allows = Insurance Payment + Deductible + Seqestration Disallow + Co Insurance Deducting an Disallow Amount from the payment was not built into the calculations making it impossible to post properly. FINAL NOTE: The Sequestration Disallow can not be passed on to the Co-Insurance or Patient.
  • Electronic Statements are here FastEMC is pleased to announce the availability of BillFlash statement delivery and ePay to our cusotmers.  This will give you the convenience of electronic billing and payment notifications.  Coupled with the speed and ease of FastEMC claims submissions, your cash flow will be accelerated and lost claims will becoume a thing of the past.  No longer will you have to spend time and money printing and mailing statements to patients.
  • Version 4.0 is available on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Web site to download, for FREE.  Adding support for Microsoft Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Vista (32 or 64 bit) and XP (32 or 64 bit). Codes.ini file for Remittance Advice Remark Codes and Claim Adjustment Reason Code were also updated.  See "How to Update (Import the CARC/RARC codes" in the MREP instructions.  Installing Version 4.0 includes the new codes.
  • Check us out on Facebook! The first 40 customers to like our page will get a $5 discount on their next bill, so hurry up and Like us!!! Post a comment. Once you like the page, please send us a message on facebook with your account number or practice name and we will apply the credit immediately. (Limit one credit per account)
  • Some new CPT Procedure Codes go into effect on January 1, 2013 for some specialties.  This is never a problem, the FastEMC system allows  CPT codes to be added into FasteEMC as you add a claim, or they can be added directly into the Procedure Data using the option on the Maintenance Menu.  We do not manage the CPT database that you use.

ANSI Translator

The only thing you'll see is a successful transaction.

If you deal with electronic claims data, the FastEMC ANSI Translator can help you convert almost any file type into an ANSI 5010 file. If you generate or receive (or both) claims data from another system––even an older system––FastEMC can work in the background as a 'black box' to prepare the record(s) for the standard 837 transaction.

In technical terms, we have the ability to import any ASCII format that has fixed length fields and records (eg. NSF, Print Image, ANSI 4010, ANSI 5010 or custom layout, etc). To offer a seamless translation, we provide support databases to fill out the required data for your providers and payers, to translate old codes to current codes and to provide edits that will get the data right the first time.

FastEMC uses the "matrix methodology," which facilitates data mapping. The initial mapping is done by our development team using a sample ASCII format file that you'll provide for us.  This is a quick and easy setup and usually only takes a few days.

1. Your existing system would output a file that would have fixed length fields and records.  Commonly this is a Print Image for a CMS-1500 form or a CMS-1450 (UB92), an NSF file or an ANSI 5010 file.

2. The file is then imported into FastEMC.

3. FastEMC verifies that all the necessary information is there to create a claim. If information is missing, then an error report is generated identifying what is missing or invalid. FastEMC's service team would work with you to fill in the missing information and set up the translation.

4. If there were any errors with the claims, they would be corrected and updated in the database.  Finally, the correct information would would be exchanged the next time your software generates a file for FastEMC.

For more information on our extremely affordable ANSI Translator services, please call us at 1-800-326-4831 or send an e-mail message to

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